Miyow & Barkley 100% Raw Cotton Snuggle Pod - Cover Only (Vintage Design)

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A beautiful Raw Cotton Vintage Design from Miyow & Barley. Compete with French print 'Amour Pour Toujour' translating to 'LOVE FOREVER', this Snuggle Pod is durable and easy to clean. Complete with zip you can wash the top and add more stuffing for the heavier puppies and dogs. For chilly nights on top or dogs with arthritis place a wheat pack/hot water bottle inside.

Also available are the Microsuede Snuggle Pods, Cord Snuggle Pods or Faux Fur Snuggle Pods.

Miyow & Barley Dog Bed Size Guide:
Medium: 71 x 81.3 x 30.5cm
Large: 104 x 104 x 36cm