Dogue Glamour Leather Dog Collar with Swarovski Crystals

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They say diamonds are a girls' best friend, and that dog is mans' best friend... So humans like diamonds, humans love dogs; therefore dogs need diamonds or Swarovski crystals at least?! YEAAHH!!!

And while these may look designer they are also fully functional and super comfortable; because they're made of the finest quality New Zealand leather. Complete with genuine Swarovski crystals they are still made in Australia and are a top seller.

These stunning leather dog collars also have a matching lead. Add a lead below for $25 instead of $29.95 (see it on its own).

Dogue Glamour Leather Dog Collar Sizes

Pup - 30cm (holes start at 20cm)
Mini - 35cm (holes start at 24cm)
Small - 40cm (holes start at 28cm)
Medium - 45cm (holes start at 32cm)