Dogue 'Bones' Leather Dog Collar in Fuschia or Blue

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If Bones Make'th the Mutt, then here is your chance to bark! These are absolutely beautiful leather collars from designer Dogue. They are backed in a soft, subtle leather, these collars are also strong and great to wear. Their vibrant colours and chrome embossed bones make them hard to pass by!

Dogue Leather Dog Collar Sizes

Measurements are collar length ie. 38cm collar have holes between 26-34cm (breeds are a guide only)

Mini - 32cm (eg. Yorkshire, Maltese)

Small - 38cm (eg. Jack Russells)

Medium - 45cm (eg. Scotties, Westies)

Large - 55cm (eg. Dalmatians, Kelpies, Labradors)

X-Large - 65cm (eg. Rottweilers)

Matching Dogue Bones Lead Blue

Matching Dogue Bones Lead Pale Pink