We don't just like pets, we are Smitten!

And that’s the passion we strive to share everyday. No matter what animal you had as a pet because the absolute joy they bring to your life is all the same.

The happiness and love a pet can bring to your life is indescribable and it is because of this that Smitten Pets aims to bring more joy to more pets. We also know there’s not a lot of time in the day so Smitten Pets aims to make it easy for you to browse multiple designers, in comfort and get your pet’s gift delivered right to your door.

We partner with product suppliers based on their passion for pets, ability to provide unique and innovative solutions for you as well as their passion for quality. So we hope that Smitten Pets will provide an online retail experience that reminds owners of the joy their pet brings into their lives and provides them with a way to reward and gift them for this love.