Miyow & Barkley Cord Snuggle Pod - Cover Only (in Chocolate, Red or Latte)

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Cord Snuggle Pods Covers are available in Chocolate, Red and Latte. These amazingly comfortable dog beds allow your puppy or dog to lounge on top or snuggle up inside. Designed to match any home with a variety of colours and textures you can throw them on the lounge, bed or floor.

All Snuggle Pods have a removable cover. For those extra chilly nights on top of the pod, place a wheat pack/hot water bottle inside (great option for those older dogs with arthritis). You might also like to check out the Microsuede Snuggle Pods, Faux Fur Snuggle Pods or Vintage Raw Cotton Snuggle Pods.

Miyow & Barley Dog Bed Size Guide:

Medium: 71 x 81.3 x 30.5cm
Large: 104 x 104 x 36cm