Summer Care for Cats and Dogs - Part One

As the weather gets warmer there are simple summer tips you can keep top of mind to ensure your dog and cat are comfortable and safe. Even more so if your dog or cat has light fur and skin.

Keep the water upWater Dispenser Dog Bowl
You will need to refill your cat or dogs water more often. Not only do your four legged friends need to drink more in warm weather but there will also be evaporation occurring. Especially if water bowls are outside or near the sunny side of your home and windows. If you think you need a bit of extra help try an water dispensing bowl similar to these.

Walk in the early morning or late evening
Early birds catch the worm and beats the heat! This is a fairly obvious one but for those that have a routine in place, it might need to change in Summer. Especially if you don't have daylight savings in your state. So the temperature gets hotter the higher the sun is in the air, so the best time to walk is early morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler. This will prevent heat stroke and excessive panting and energy loss.

Check the ground temperature
Let's take a step back to childhood summers - we're at the pool or beach having a great time. Maybe it's time for an ice cream or to reapply sunscreen. So you step out of the water only to find your feet are ON FIRE. Frying against the tiles or concrete. This is something that is easy to forget when you go out with things. But remember this; your pets paws are like our bare feet and they will feel the heat on their feet when they pets go outside.


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