Halloween Safety for Cats and Dogs

Halloween Safety for Cats and Dogs

Halloween can be a fabulously fun time for families and if you don’t go anywhere without your cat or dog they might also get involved in the festivities of the night. But how do our pets feel about Halloween? Well there are some cats and dogs that are used to clothing like pyjamas or even jackets and coats when it’s cold, perhaps they dress up at Christmas too, but for other pets it can be a genuine frightmare. But we have 6 easy tips to make the night more enjoyable for our fur-friends.


 1. If they’re not coming with you, they’re not in the yard.

Its Halloween a time for cheer, some might be drinking merrily, but some might be pranking scarily. Make sure you keep your cat or dog away from temptation and pranks. This also ensures that your cat or dog isn’t spooked by the scary Halloween costumes, the shouting for treats and the racing from door to door. Speaking of the yard…



2. Keep your outdoor cats inside days before and after Halloween and the Tricking-or-Treating. 

Cats are natural wonders, so if you coop them up the day of Halloween they may wonder what on earth is going on. It is best to get them used to being indoors the week prior to Halloween to ensure they are comfortable while they are safely inside. Black cats are especially at risk from pranksters, so ensure the Halloween buzz has died down before you let them roam again. 


3. Trick-or-TREATING is not for cats or dogs. 

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate is bad for dogs and cats. But did you know that artificial sweetener can be just as bad! The artificial sweetener xylitol, even in small quantities can be poisonous to dogs and best to be avoided by cats. You can’t tell which Halloween candies have artificial sweetener, so it’s best to stay clear of all!




4. Keep Halloween pumpkins and corn at bay.

Although they are relatively nontoxic, such plants, in fact anything that deviates from your pets normal diet can cause gastrointestinal upset and intestinal blockage if large pieces are swallowed or pips are not digested.



5. Halloween costumes for dogs and cats.

If you have been hunting for a Halloween Dog costume or a Halloween Cat costume make sure it isn't annoying to your dog or cat and is a safe Halloween choice for pets. It should not constrict movement, hearing, or the ability to breathe, bark or meow. If you think of costume items that mimic collars, you are probably not going to annoy your pet too much at all. Make sure your dog or cat also tries on their Halloween costume before the night. This ensures you can check it is safe in a safe environment and so that your pet can get used to their costume. We don’t stock costumes other than batman all year round, but we definitely can get some sent from our suppliers direct to your door. Please just contact us with what you are looking for and let us do the work.



 6. Tags and microchips on Halloween please!

If the worst should happen and your dog or cat gets out of the house and runs from the yard, your mind will definitely be at eased if your pet has up to date and detailed ID tags and microchips. So if you've moved house or have changed phone or mobile numbers, make sure you get those details updated.