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First Smitten Pets Dog Product Market Stall

Pink_Fuzzyard_Cotton_Candy_Dog_CollarLast weekend we participated in our first market stall. We’ve been online for a couple of years now but I find the one thing that is hard online is clearing excess stock. We often have a supplier discontinue a line and we are left with one or two collars in some random sizes.

It then becomes a waiting game. Just waiting and waiting for someone who has that specific sized dog and who likes that collar design. I also have a bad habit of browsing new designers too often and really, really wanting to purchase more stock. The problem with this is the amount of inventory we need to keep. Just think about it; you find one nice collar design but then it comes in 5 different sizes.

So some time ago I came up with a grand idea that would help better manage this collar inventory. I decided I would start to stock collar designs within specific size brackets. I would get one design in and only buy the medium, small and toy dog sizes, then another design to cater to medium, large and extra-large.

Dog_Clothing_Suit_SmittenPetsSo how does this have anything to do with a market? Well the first step of the plan is to move more collars so that I can then start to buy more in the size brackets I want. So we thought we’d try out a market stall, take all the collars and leads, some bowls, some dog clothing and some toys. It was a really great day out. It was an early start with a lengthy set-up. We had some banners we want to put up, but because we were under a shop awning didn’t bring our tent so had to find somewhere else to hang it – that was probably the most time consuming part.

SmittenPets_Dog_Clothing_Market_Stall_Meeting_DogsBut we met some like-minded dog lovers, people who just want to make dogs happy or be around dogs or care dog dogs. There was a doggy fashion show where everyone was a winner and it was generally just a really nice atmosphere with dogs galore. We met some Instagram Dogs – Havanese, Toy Poodles and several Golden Retrievers and Westies. 

All in all it was a really fabulous day, but guess what?! We hardly moved our collars! Ha. The toys got a lot of attention, the Orbee-Tuff bones and Sniffany & Co toys in particular. The dog bowls were a hit and also given winter the dog cardigans were popular.

Having said all this, while I didn’t achieve my objective and still have little way to go before I can invest in more collar designs, I would definitely to a market stall again. So if anyone has any suggestions on ones coming up, please do contact us.