Winter is Coming - Does My Pet Need Clothing - Part 1

This isn’t just a Game of Thrones quote, but yes, we are addicted to the show…

Some people love to dress their pets so winter dog clothing is just another loving stylish expression. Yet, some of us aren’t warm to the idea. Perhaps you are a strong believer that ‘dogs have their own coat’. If you fit any of these categories or are still on the fence keep reading for an insightful thought provoker!

Absolutely, dogs do have a coat (as do cats). It sheds and regrows according to the seasons. However you may have also noticed in your lifetime of patting pets that some dogs and cats have thicker coats than others, and this depends on their genetics and their genetics come from their ancestors. Stay with me! As dogs and cats have become more and more accessible over many many many years we find that dogs and cats that were genetically suited to one climate type are being bred all over the world and living in climates that their ancestors were not originally genetically equipped for.

Sausage Dog in Coat - Does My Dog Need ClothingSo dogs that are genetically equipped for warmer weather have thinner, shorter and lighter fur. These dogs (such as Pharaoh Hounds or Greyhounds) may find it uncomfortable in cooler weather. Imagine going from your warm house and outside in winter with a t-shirt and board shorts; this may be what your dog feels when they go outside for a walk or to relieve themselves without the extra protection of a coat.

Dog age and size also plays a role on your dog's temperature, but you’ll have to come back to get more wise words of wisdom on that topic. 

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