The Stockgive sale is more than just giving profits to charity it is about raising awareness. We’ve promised that throughout the sale we will give as much information as we can on our 2016 non-profit pet organisations. We want to increase understanding of where donations are going. It also highlights how people can further assist as well as opens up peoples’ eyes to the number of beautiful pets waiting to be cared for or adopted.

Our first charity to highlight is close to our backyard and hearts. Pet Rescue's values are extremely similar to ours at Smitten Pets, so they were an obvious choice for owner, Amie. They are a national animal welfare charity that aim to enable all Australians to discover the joy and unconditional love a rescue pet can bring. We know there are hundreds of thousands of pets that are abandoned in Australia.


About Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue is one central site where you browse, learn about, and adopt pets needing rehoming all over the country. At the time this was written they had 10,939 pets available for adoption, and they are just the pets that have shelters, pounds and rescue groups have been able to submit to their site. Unfortunately there are still many pounds that do not have the time to look after pets and place their profiles on sites as well as answer adoption queries.

Pet Rescue provide support and services to over 950 different rescue groups, shelters and pounds all across Australia so that they can save over 7,000 rescue pets every month. Not only that but they have launched some of the most successful awareness campaigns, industry-changing adoption programs and have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of controversial animal welfare issues within Australia.

Pet Rescue Members

The Pet Rescue team are all passionate pet lovers and volunteers; from the founders to communications manager, social media manager, photographer and everything in between. 73.5% of Pet Rescue members are small community groups who rely wholly on a network of foster carers to look after rescue pets in their own homes. So every new foster carer Pet Rescue helps to recruit means the lives of more pets can be saved. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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