It's a First - Smitten Pets StockGIVE Sale

For every dollar you save this end of financial year, Smitten Pets will give the equivalent to a not-for-profit pet organisation. Read more below...


It is around this time every year that we start getting ready for the great discounts that come from the end of financial year sales (EOYFS). The excitement brews at the thought of the savings that can be had without hurting our hip pocket nerve. At times the sales discount can be so deep that it almost feels like businesses are being a little bit charitable.

Nutmeg - Adelaide Dog Ready for AdoptionWell at Smitten Pets we are being really charitable. Rather than a stocktake sale, we are having a ‘STOCKGIVE’ sale. But what does this mean? Well, starting June 10, for every dollar you save on your purchases, Smitten Pets will give the equivalent value to a pet charity. So if you save $7, a non-profit pet organization also gets $7.

Smitten Pets’ vision is to ‘bring more joy to more pets’. Not just our pets sitting next to us on the couch, but the pets that are waiting for new homes too. So with tens of thousands of unwanted animals surrendered to shelters each year in Australia, we need to do something.

The Stockgive sale is about even more than giving profits to charity; it is also about raising awareness. Throughout the sale we will highlight our 2016 charities and their causes so that we can learn more about non-profit pet organisations. It also opens up peoples’ eyes to the number of beautiful pets waiting to be cared for or adopted. 

So join the Smitten Pets Stockgive sale from 10th June until midnight 30th June and be truly charitable this EOFY. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

P.S The beautiful 11 week old in the blog photo is Nutmeg. She is currently being fostered in Adelaide and is available for meets. Nutmeg comes desexed, C5 vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated and with a ‘starter pack’ that contains a bed, food, toys and important information for new owners. Visit her here!