Winter is Coming - Pet Care for Cooler Months - Part 2

Winter is Coming - Pet Care for Cooler Months - Part 2

You may have seen our blog Winter is Coming – Part 1 where we discussed the impact of your pets breed, genetics and ancestry on their needs for extra warmth over winter. If you haven’t seen it you can click here…

Pug Jacket Winter Clothing Smitten PetsIn Part 2 we focus on the size of your dog or cat as well as their age to guide you on whether or not your pet needs additional coats or clothing this winter. Whether you are a fond believer of dressing your pet, or believe your pet has their own natural coat, you should really keep reading…

Over winter you may find that your pets scoff food quicker and sleep more. Especially notable in cats who tend to graze, you may see less food compared to usual left in the bowl between meals. This is because, just like us, our pets use more energy trying to keep warm over winter. Some pets have an even more difficult time.

Smaller breeds and toy breeds (For example Cornish Rex, Devon Rex and Munchkin Cats and Chihuahuas, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Pomeranians for dogs) tend to have even more trouble staying warm compared to medium and large breed (Spaniels, Retrievers, Shar Peis and English Bulldogs). Even if they are the runt of a litter, their smaller size means they have shorter and thinner fur that tends to hinder their warmth. It is important to note that it’s not just thinner fur that we need to worry about. Poodles tend to have very long, thick and curly hair and this acts as their naturally warm coat. However we live in a society where we like to clip longer and curlier pet fur to ensure it stays neat and doesn’t matt. This means that it is both small and well groomed dogs and cats that are the perfect candidates for extra warmth!

While older dogs and cats also find it harder to keep warm as their immune system doesn’t work as well as it used to. Just like us these little guys might need some extra care and attention in colder months as they get older. Finally if your dog or cat has a condition or illness that weakens their fur growth or immune system, a bit of extra warmth will make your dog or cat feel extra comfortable.

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